Vensico – Yellow Duster Clothes for Dry/Wet Cleaning – Orange (Pack of 10)

A Soft Duster Cloth That Cleans Almost Every Surface Without Causing Streaks and Scratches
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Vensico Yellow Duster cloth can clean a multitude of surfaces. Its soft cotton fabric can easily clean things that are otherwise prone to scratches.

The cloth traps dust particles inside its fabric structure so that they do not rub against the surface you are cleaning and cause streaks or scratches. You can use it dry or wet, as per need.

Made Of:
– A mixture of natural cotton fiber and synthetic additives.

Best Used For:
– Cleaning and dusting furniture.
– Cleaning laptop and TV screens.
– Cleaning car windscreen, windows, and body.
– Cleaning the interior of a car.

Key Features:
– Set contains 10 pieces.
– Soft cloth to prevent scratches.
– Safe to use with detergents.

How To Use:
– When using dry, blow the visible dust away by slamming the surface with the duster.
– When using wet, rub gently on the intended surface.
– When using a detergent, soak in water, apply detergent, rub the duster against itself to make foam, and then rub to clean any surface.

– Not resistant to acids.
– Can catch fire.

What’s in the box
10 Pieces

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What's in the box

10 Pieces


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